Create a segmentation for your campaigns

1 – When you create a post, you can add a dynamic banner to it. As posts have categories, banners inherit them too.
1 – Now, let’s say John is an accountant and Freddy a designer.
2 – On John Email signature setup, choose only the post categories related to accountancy.
3 – John marketing banner will only show banners from this category.
4 – This feature is very useful for the statistics of CampaignDot as it allows to vmeasure the scoring of each section of the company.

Get the HTML code

1 – With CampaignDot, click on the “Template page ” link
2 – choose the template you want
3 – Click on HTML to download the html file for this signature
4 – or click on “Copy” to copy the signature

Get a QrCode

For this feature, you need the Pro version of CampaignDot.

1 – Buy and install Campaigndot Pro
2 – Go in the user’s profile page
3 – Tada! the QrCode shows on the right of the Email signature template.
4 – This Qrcode is specific for each user. If used on his business card, it will redirect to his profile page with a download button for the contact information.
5 – Just copy the Qrcode and use it on your marketing documents.

Manage dynamic marketing banners

For this feature, you need the Pro version of CampaignDot.

1 – Buy and install Campaigndot Pro
2 – Create a post
3 – attach a marketing banner
4 – Set the start and end date where Banners will be displayed
5 – Set Dynamic banners in CampaignDot and control how your marketing schedule
6 – This is particulary handy to program how banners will show in advance.
5 – Did you know that with CampaignDot Pro you can get Statistics of each banner campaign ?

The marketing banners

With CampaignDot, you can manage the banners that will appear below the email signatures, and change them anytime.

1 – Create a cool banner. It has to be 468 pixels width X 60 pixels height.
2 – Upload it in the CampaignDot admin panel
3 – It will now display automatically below email signatures
4 – If you change the banner, it will change instantly in emails

Free and unlimited

1 – On your WordPress admin, go to the plugin installer search for CampaignDot and install it
2 – Now it is installed, under the CampaignDot menu, choose “Company information” 
3 – Upload your company logo, fill your company detail, the social networks.
4 – Now, for each user, you can add some more details that will appear in the signature
– First name, last name
– Job description
– Profile photo
– Direct phone number
– Email address
… this will be the content of the email signature.
5 – choose the signature template,
6 – Save. Verivy the signature is fine, 
7 – Send it to the user
8 – He/she will receive the email signature and install it in his Email app – this can be Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird or Ios devices.
Check the free plugin here: